Mobile Web

By Tia Dang | last updated 7th December 2020


What is a Mobile Web?

Mobile Web apps refer to mobile device applications that only need a Web browser to be enabled from an app store on the device. They have access to system resources, such as GPS and camera features. Mobile applications live on the device itself and run on it.

How are they Built?

Mobile apps are more costly to create than web apps, since they are application-specific. Depending on the platform, native mobile apps are developed using specific languages and Integrated Development Environments. Apple and Google also have their own tools for creation, interface modules, and software development kits that can be used by developers to create.

Key point:With their ability to work both offline and online, mobile apps deliver seamless experiences. All mobile apps have instant access at the touch of a tap. They also allow users to easily consume their content by storing critical data.

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