Display Advertising

By Farris Ramzy | last updated 28th December 2020


Display Advertising

What is Display Advertising?

Display advertising is the placement of ads for your services on third-party websites. These ads can be graphical (e.g use a mixture of text, video, imagery and audio) as opposed to search advertising (where the ad is text only).

How does Display Advertising reach an audience?

Display ads can be placed on other websites, on social media, and can also be placed within mobile apps. Companies can pay an advertiser directly, or utilise the services of brokers who distribute advertisements across a large number of different websites (known as audience networks). One example of this is Google Display Network.

Display advertising differs from search advertising as you can utilise video and audio in your ads. With Google Display Network having the potential to reach 90% of the online audience, they are a powerful way to reach your target audience outside of your own website.

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