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Diversey is a multinational company that creates a lot of marketing material, in different languages, for lots of different regional markets. They work with third party creative and translation agencies, and have a complex and evolving review and sign off system for their marketing material.

They needed a bespoke tool that regulated the creation, approval and distribution of their marketing assets. It needed to work on a global scale, to show reporting data, and to be flexible enough to keep up with the constant internal changes within the company.


We worked with the client to define key types of marketing material and what their sign off process would look like, what roles people would assume when using the system, how the sign off process varied by region, and what reporting the client required from the system. We then built a custom web application just for Diversey that fits exactly their complex internal processes.

Since launch we’ve changed the internal logic several times in response to changes to how the company works, and we’ve added new functionality such as a scheduling module to manage creative teams. We’ve also integrated it into several third party systems that the client uses.

The Briefing Tool is used every day in over 200 countries. Over 50,000 pieces of marketing material, spanning over 70 languages have been created, approved, and delivered via this system. We have delivered a supremely malleable tool that has radically improved our customer’s marketing operations.


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